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Chandigarh Gatka Association (Regd.) is doing efforts to Promote Gatka as a Sports under the ageis of Gatka Federation of India (Regd.). This irony of fate that Gatka have been denied its due status and recognition but on the contrary several games, which even had not Indian origin and lesser known games, have already been included in the schedule of National sports and University Games calendar. Gatka sport must be included into the gradation list of general sports so that Gatka players could also avail the benefits being provided to the sportspersons. "Promotion of Gatka as a global sport would certainly project India as the world's largest democracy committed to secularism and unity in diversity,. It is mentioned here that it is a style of fighting only with sticks between two Gatka players, intended to simulate the sword and focuses on infusing physical, spiritual and mental fitness. No sharp edged weapons are used in the transformed Gatka game. The present martial art form, Gatka, has been acknowledged as a sport and being played in the entire country and diaspora.

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