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Sponsoring sports is a marketing strategy that plays an important role in economic life. Sponsorship holds a unique position in the marketing mix because it provides more effective arena in building brand awareness, providing differentiated marketing platforms, facilitating direct business benefits and providing valuable networking and hospitality opportunities.
In India as well as diaspora, the sponsoring company could enjoy a positive and socially responsible image from Gatka sport sponsorship. In return, as expected, sponsorship would improve the financial value of sponsoring entity as it is considered as one of the best ways to build a communication path toward targeted consumers. ‘Marketing through sports’ concept has augmented an importance due to the growth and expansion in different types of sports. Almost all sports organizations and successful players depend on the income and support of their sponsors. We are sure that Gatka game sponsorship will work both ways because it is considered as a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising and intentional campaigning.
Businesses keen to associate with Gatka sports organisations and players, would certainly build their reputation globally within the community and generate goodwill than others. Besides, martial art sports marketing would impulse memberships, consumer base, sales, and recognition. Due to its inherent eminence and importance in people’s lives, it is observed that Gatka game is considered as a profitable and sustainable marketing source than other events. Nowadays in intense competition amongst business world, only one way to make company unique is to sponsor traditional sports, events or players. By doing so, the firm could stand out among many companies offering similar products by building stronger brand awareness among its grass-roots consumers. Besides this, sponsoring company’s public relations will also improve as the more community events help out, the more the public will perceive company as one that cares about the community and the people’s welfare.
The obvious commercial advantage in supporting Gatka is that there is a huge potential for an extended exposure during media coverage by Electronic, Print and Web media. Also, since amateur Gatka has been producing National level players, company will have the added advantage of nurturing brilliant talent, creating stars and associating with potential brand ambassadors of the future. The company, having a significant presence in Chandigarh or India can gain tremendous visibility/marketing by sponsoring the Gatka events. We at Gatka Federation of India/Chandigarh Gatka Association (GFI/CGA) intends to create a mass appeal for the game by publicizing the Gatka tournaments widely through news articles, syndicated columns, radio and TV coverage as well as other materials throughout the State and country. Needless to say, all the merchandising will carry sponsoring company’s name, thereby giving a wide spread exposure to company brand.
The GFI/PGA invites business houses/groups/firms to partner as Event Sponsor in the organisation of spectacular Gatka Championships to be held in the year 2012. We are hosting National Level Women Gatka open Championship at New Delhi during April/May this in which Gatka teams from more than 12 states would compete. If you want to take the opportunity to sponsor the spectacular Gatka events, please send your expression of interest on email. We are open to any suggestions, discussions to take this initiative forward and for consolidation of your support. Kindly find our sponsorship presentation and achievements from the website for your kind consideration. We hope to receive your patronage to promote the great game of Indian martial art, Gatka at the amateur level so that your contribution to the noble cause of development of sports in the country becomes immortalized.
Please consider this proposal as a starting outline and there obviously are additional opportunities that can be explored. we know that once we meet and we will learn more about your objectives and can tailor the program to your exacted goals and priorities. We look forward to your support and participation to follow up the opportunity to become an integral part of Gatka championships in 2012 and beyond!

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